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By: Noreen A Hynes, M.D., M.P.H.

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No-reflow could happen as a outcome of the embolization of microparticulate matter as debris from coronary lesions, activation of platelets, and/or launch of vasoactive substances that may modulate distal vasculature. No-reflow is defined because the reduction of coronary circulate within the absence of a proximal occlusive lesion with resultant myocardial ischemia. A variety of strategies have been available as adjuncts to reduce embolization, but many have been proven to be ineffective and are no longer obtainable. Shortly after the introduction of balloon angioplasty in an experimental model of angioplasty, effluent particles was collected and analyzed by histologic and polarized gentle microscopic examinations for gross particles and cholesterol. Microscopically visible atherosclerotic particles was current in 12% of procedures, and thin-layer chromatography showed evidence of ldl cholesterol embolization in 25%. These findings of atherosclerotic particles in between 12% and 25% of treated vessels is completely consistent with medical studies that followed in sufferers over the next 2 a long time. Small quantities of 15-m particles have been proven to trigger patchy ischemia, whereas elevated numbers of particles could cause lower in circulate. When particles are bigger, within the one hundred to 300 m range, a comparatively few particles can scale back move. One of the more severe manifestations of embolization is the no-reflow phenomenon. The clinical sequelae of the no-reflow phenomenon could be both acutely and chronically extreme. Patients have, in essentially the most profound conditions, hemodynamic collapse or a extreme ischemic syndrome, depending on the scale of the affected vessel territory. Both prevention and treatment have been challenging through the growth of catheter intervention. Acute issues embody the no-reflow phenomenon, which is slow or no circulate in handled vessels, causing extended chest pain, and might produce myocardial cell necrosis. No-reflow in this group was additionally highly predictive of postprocedural myocardial infarction (17. Administration of calcium-blocking medication or nitroprusside was not associated with improved in-hospital outcomes in these sufferers, although antegrade move rates improved in patients treated with nitroprusside on this group. Most merely, mechanical disruption of the plaque leads to fragmentation of plaque parts. The vary was large, from a minimal of 6 to a maximum of 815 m within the minor entry, and seven to 3427 m in the major access of those particles. Particles were composed of ldl cholesterol clefts, lipid-rich macrophages, fragments of fibrous cap, necrotic lesion core, and fibrin. Many of the causes of embolization of microscopic debris into the small vessels of the distal microcirculation are nicely described. Rotational atherectomy creates particulate particles with a mean particle measurement of less than 6 m. These smaller particles move via the capillary circulation in the same manner as red blood cells. Hori et al16 studied the effective particle measurement and quantity in a coronary arterial microsphere embolization perfused canine model. Small numbers of 15-m particle emboli triggered patchy myocardial ischemia and a paradoxical regional enhance in blood move from the effect of reactive increased flow to nonaffected adjacent areas. Increasing numbers of emboli caused impaired flow reserve and decreased resting circulate. Larger particles (100-300 m) caused a dramatic reduction within the variety of emboli needed to trigger decreased resting circulate. In the clinical setting of acute coronary syndromes, macroembolization of clot is well known. Serotonin ranges have been measured within the distal coronary artery in sufferers after angioplasty or stenting. This enhance in liberation of serotonin was dramatically blunted by the administration of the serotonin antagonist ketanserin. Coronary cross-sectional area distal to the positioning of dilatation significantly decreased after angioplasty and stenting from 4. Pretreatment with ketanserin diminished this lower in distal coronary luminal space. In 1 examine, coronary blood was drawn from 6 patients present process coronary intervention with a distal safety gadget, and the particulate materials that was recovered showed tissue issue activity. To look at the role of tissue factor in no-reflow, blood was drawn through a catheter from coronary vessels in 13 sufferers during noreflow and after restoration of move. Mean tissue factor antigen ranges have been elevated throughout no-reflow compared with levels after circulate restoration (194 vs seventy three pg/mL, P =. Tissue issue induced no-reflow in a porcine mannequin after selective intracoronary injection of atherosclerotic material or purified tissue issue. These data suggest that tissue issue is launched from dissected coronary plaque and is 1 of the components inflicting the no-reflow phenomenon. The quantity of plaque materials is large, and its friable nature could be seen simply. A large proportion of grafts are severely diseased by 7 to 10 years after surgery. In addition to the problems introduced by the character of the graft atheroma itself, patients are clearly a decade older than when their initial bypass surgical procedure was carried out and symbolize a group with high frequency of congestive coronary heart failure, prior myocardial infarction, depressed left ventricular operate, and different comorbid conditions. The proportion of sufferers with major adverse in-hospital events after embolization approaches three-quarters, whereas sufferers with out clinical evidence of embolization during their intervention have main opposed occasion rates within the hospital of lower than 20%. The danger of thrombus embolization was much larger when seen thrombus was acknowledged (39% vs 14%). Late full vessel occlusion was seen in over one-third of sufferers with thrombus. However, in some laser studies, thrombus-containing lesions have been associated with elevated charges of embolization and poor scientific outcomes. Rheolytic thrombectomy, a way that makes use of high-velocity saline jets directed retrograde into the open mouth of a Bernoulli system, attracts thrombus into the catheter tip for maceration and evacuation. Over half the sufferers treated had vein graft as opposed to native vessel thrombus-containing lesions. Rheolytic thrombectomy resulted in a big decrease in major events at 30 days. In addition, the potential for liberation of particulate degree with embolization appears increased by the use of stenting in comparability with conventional plain balloon angioplasty. Over 200 sufferers were randomly assigned to obtain either a traditional metal stent or a membrane-covered stent. Neither restenosis nor acute procedural occasions had been diminished by means of a membrane-covered stent. High stress is required to totally broaden the combination of graft membrane and stent materials. Embolic protection units fall into three classes: distal occlusion, filter, and proximal occlusion units.

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Long-term methadone maintenance and different methods utilizing agonist-antagonistic medicine are additionally employed. Infants and the e lderly are more prone to the respiratory depressant motion of morphine. It is dangerous in patients with respiratory insufficiency (emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis. Bronchial asthma: Morphine can precipitate an attack by its hista mine re leasin g act ion. Undiagnosed acllle stomach pain: Morphine ca n aggravate certa in circumstances. Hypothyroi dism, liver a nd kidney illness patients are more sensitive to morphine. Morphine re tards absorpt ion of many orally adm inistered drugs by de laying gastric emptying. It is much less potent than morphine (1/10th as analgesic), also Jes efficacious; is a par1ial agonist at � opioid receptor wi th a low ceiling impact. The diploma of analgesia is similar to aspirin (60 mg codeine ~ 600 mg aspirin). However, receptors involved within the antitussive action appear to be distinct, as a end result of they bind codeine in addition to morphine. Pholcodine, Ethylrnorphine They have codeine like properties and have been used primarily as antitussive (see p. However, it has no outstanding therapeutic advantage over morphine and has been banned in most countries besides U. Pethidine (Meperidine) Pethidine was synthesized as an atropine substitute in 1939, and has some actions like it. Though c hemically unrelated to morphine, it interacts with � opioid receptors a nd its actions are blocked by naloxone. Dose to dose I/ tenth in analgesic efficiency; nevertheless, analges ic efficacy approaches close to to morphine and is greater than codeine. Spasmogenic motion on smooth muscles is much less marked- miosis, constipation and urinary retention are much less prominent. Pethidine is healthier absorbed than morphine; oral: parenteral exercise ratio is greater (1/3 to 1/2). A major half is hydrolysed to meperidinic acid, however a small fraction is demethylated to form norpethidine, wh ich has excitant effects. Apart from traditional opioid unwanted facet effects, pethidine produces some atropinic effects like dry mouth, blurred imaginative and prescient, tachycardia, but constipation, urinary retention and miosis are much less prominent. Renal fail ure sufferers given repeated doses of pethidine are vulnerable to experience related effects. C linica l use of pethidine as a morphine substitu the has very much declined because of these problems. It is occasionally used to control shivering throughout recovery from anaesthesia and that attending i. Fentanyl A pethidine congener, 80-100 instances more potent than morphi ne, both in analgesia and respiratory depression. Cardiac contractili ty and heart fee are solely marginally lowered, and it has decrease propensity to release histamine. The period of action is short: begins wearing off aller 30-40 min as a outcome of redistribution, whereas elimination t� is -4 hr. Remifentanil this sooner performing congener of fentanyl has a ve ry transient (I 0-15 min) duration of motion after i. Methadone A artificial opioid, chemically dissimilar but pharmacologically very related to morphine. It is a full � receptor agonist, and has analgesic, respiratory depressant, emetic, antitussive, constipating and bil iary actions similar to morphine. The most important feature of methadone is excessive oral: parenteral exercise ratio (I: 2) and its fim, binding to tissue proteins. Rifampin and phenytoin could cause withdrawal signs to appear in methadone dependent subjects by inducing its metabolism. Because of slow and protracted nature of action, sedative and subjective effects are less intense. Tolerance develops extra slowly, most likely as a outcome of progressive filling of tissue stores. Withdrawa l syndrome is of gradual onset, taking 1- 2 days after di scontinuation, is prolonged and fewer se vere. Methadone has been used primarily as substitution th erapy for opioid dependence: I mg of oral methadone can be substituted for 4 mg of morphine, 2 mg of heroin and 20 mg of pethidine. Another approach is methadone upkeep remedy in opioid addicts- enough dose of methadone (4 0-80 mg/day) is given orally over long run to produce excessive degree of tolerance so that pleasurable effects of i. It is a weak artificial opioid chemically associated to methadone, half as potent analgesic as codeine, which lacks antitussive activity. Perceived to have lo" / no addicting potential, it was included in lots of popular overthe-<:ounter analgesic mixtures containing paracetamol and different medicine. Its demethylated metabolite which accrued on repeated dosing, exhibited cardiotoxicity, and reviews of deadly ities appeared. Dextropropoxyphene this centrally appearing analgesic is an atypical opioid which relieves ache by opio id as well as extra mechanisms. Its analgesic action is simply partially reversed by the opioid antagonist naloxone. Tramadol causes insignificant respiratory despair, sedation, constipation or urinary re the ntion. Other side effects are s leepiness, dry mouth, sweating and decreasing of seizure threshold, subsequently contraindicated in epileptics. Little tendency to dose escalation by persistent users is seen and abuse potential is low. Tapentadol this newer atypical opio id is similar to tramadol in structure and mechanism of motion: bind ing to ~t opioid receptor is weak, and it acts ma inly by way of monoaminerg ic pain mechanisms. Tapentadol is we ll absorbed orally, largely glucuronide conjugated, and the metabo lite is excreted in urine. It is useful within the therapy of m oderate ly se ve re ache cond itions, a nd seems to be no less than as elTective as tramadol, however head-to-head comparative data is inadequate to esta blish relative efficacy. Side c lTects are similar to tramadol, however nausea and vom iting a ppears to be less troublesome. Thus, tapentadol is a useful a lternative to tramadol for acute as well as persistent pain of reasonable severity. On the othe r hand, insufficient dose or reluctance to use an opioid for a pa tient in misery is equally deplo rable. Morph ine (or considered one of its parenteral congene rs) is indicated especia ll y in traumatic, visceral, ischaemic (myocardial infarction), postoperative, burn, most cancers pain, rena l col ic and the like. It must be given promptly in myocardial infa rction to allay appre he ns ion and reflex sympathetic stimulation.

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Clozapine Risperidone Olanzapine Ouetiapine Aripiprazole 100-800 50-200 10D-400 2-20 1- 10 2-20 1-8 3-15 2-6 20-50 100-300 2-8 2. Used mainly as antiemetic; it incessantly produces acute muscle dyston ias in c hildren; particularly when injected. Thioridazine A low pote ncy phenothiazine ha ving marked central anti cholinergic motion. They are much less likely lo impai r glucose tolerance, cause jaundice or hype rsensitivity react ions. Penfluridol An exceptionally lengthy acting neuroleptic, beneficial for continual schizophrenia, affective withdrawal and social maladj ustment. Extrapyramidal s ide results are minimal, and atypical antipsychotics tend to enhance the impaired cognitive operate in psychotics. Both constructive a nd unfavorable signs of schizophrenia are improved and clozapine is essentially the most e ffective drug in refractory schizophrenia, i. It is sort of sedating, moderately potent antic holinergic, however paradoxically induces hypersalivation. Metabolic complication like weight gain, hype rl ip idemia and precipitatio n of diabetes is another main limi tation. Few cases of myocarditis have been reported which begin like flu however may progress to death. Because of the above risks, c lozapine is used as a reserve drug in refractory schizophrenia. Levosulpiride this substituted benzamide is chemically re lated to the prokinetic drug c isapride, but has selecti ve D2 receptor blocking activi ty. Levosulpiride i indicated in schizophrenia, anxiousness, as properly as in gastroesophageal reflux, irri desk bowel syndrome and peptic ulcer. Weaker 0 2 blockade results in few extrapyramidal unwanted effects and little rise in prolactin levels. It causes weight gain and carries the next threat of impairing gl ucose tolerance or worsening diabetes in addition to elevating serum triglyceride. The excessive affiniry but low intrinsic activi ty of aripiprazole for 02 receptor impedes dopamincrgic transmission by occupying a large fraction of D2 receptors but activati ng them minimally. Aripiprazole is quite long-acting (l� ~ three days); dose adjustments must be done after 2 weeks remedy. It can be useful in treatment resistant despair as an augmenting agent, and as maintenance drug in bipolar disorder. Like o ther a typical antipsyc hotics, z iprasidone has low propensity to trigger extrapyramidal side effects or hyperprolactinaemia. It is mildly sedating, causes modest hypotension and is less likely to trigger weight gain or b lood sugar e levation. Nausea and vomiting a re the common unwanted side effects however it lacks antimuscarinic efTects. More importantly, a dose-rel ated prolongation of Q-T interval occurs impa1iing potential to induce severe cardiac arrhyt hmias, especially in the presence of predisposing factors/drugs. In comparat ive trial s, its efficacy in schizophrenia has been rated equal to haloperidol. Asenapine and lloperidone are different atypical antipsycholics with no specific benefit. Amisulpiride this congener of Sulpiride is categorized with the atypica l antipsychotics because it produces few extrapyramidal side e ffects and improves many unfavorable symptoms of schizophrenia as well. Rather, insomnia, anx iety and agitation are widespread s ide effects, and ant idepressa nt pro perty has been famous. Risk of weight gain and metabolic complications is low, however Q-T prolongation has been noticed, espec ia lly in predisposed aged sufferers. Amisul piride is absorbed orally and mainly excreted unc hanged in urine with a t� of 12 hours. Dose: 50-300 mg/day in 2 doses for schizophrenia with predominant adverse signs. Other unwanted effects are elevated urge for food and weight achieve (not with haloperidol); aggravation of seizures in epileptics; even nonepileptics may develop seizures with high doses of some antipsychotics like c lozapine an d occasionally olan z apine. However excessive potency, phenothiazines, risperidone, quetiapine, aripiprazolc and ziprasidone have little e lTect on seizure thresho ld. Q-T prolongation and cardiac arrhythmias arc a risk of overdose with thioridazine. Some like c lozapine induce hype rsalivation regardless of anticholinerg ic property, most likely due to central actio n. Endocrine Hyperprolactincmia (due to 02 blockade) is common with typical neuroleptics and risperidone. This can lower Gn ranges, but amenorrhoea, infertility, galactorrhoea and gynaecomastia occur infreque ntly after extended treatment. Metabolic results Elevation of blood sugar and triglyceride levels as a consequence of persistent thera py with certain antipsychotics is a serious concern now. High efficiency medication like trifluperazine, fluphenazine, haloperidol and atypical antipsychotics like risperidone, aripiprazole and ziprasidone have low/no danger. Cardiovascular mortal ity amongst schizophrenics is higher; increased use of atypical antipsychotics may be a contributory issue. Extrapyramidal disturbances these are the majo r dose-limit ing s ide effects; more outstanding with high efficiency dru gs like fluphenazine, haloperidol, pimozide, and so on. The extrapyramidal effects could additionally be categorized into: (a) Parkinsonism with ty pical manifestation s- rigidity, tremor, hypolcinesia, masks li ke face, shuffling gait; appears between 1-4 weeks of remedy and persists unless dose is decreased. A central ant icholinergic might scale back the intens ity in some cases; however a benzodiazep ine Iike clonazepam or diazepam is the primary choice remedy of the motor restlessness. Most sufferers respond to reduction in dose of the neuro le ptic or changeover to an atypical antipsychotic like q uetiapine. This response is uncommon with clozapine, quetiapine and other atypical antipsychotics. The dyskinesia might subside months or years after w ithdrawal of therapy, or may be lifelong. Antihypertens ive motion of c lo ni d ine and methyldopa is reduced, probabl y as a outcome of central a, adrenergic blockade. Enzyme inducers (barbiturates, anticonvulsants) can cut back b lood levels of ncuroleptics. Psychoses Schizophrenia The antipsychotics are used primarily in practical psychoses. They have an indefinable however particular therapeutic impact in all fonns of schizophrenia: produce a variety of symptom rel ief. Antipsychotics additionally tend to restore a ffecti ve and motor di sturbances and assist upto 90% patients to lead a near nom1al life within the society.

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Factors enhancing effect of coumarin a nticoagulants arc: � De bil ity, ma ln utr ition, ma la bsorpt ion and prolonged antibiotic remedy: the availability of vit K to the liver is lowered in these circumstances. Factors whi ch enhance the effect of coumari n anticoagulants (see above) should a lso be taken into consideration. Warfari n given in early pregna ncy inc reases birth defects, especia lly ske letal abnorma liti es. It c an produce foetal warfarin syndro111e- hy po plasia of nose, eye socke t, ha nd bones, and progress retardation. The dose of anticoagula nt dete rm ined in the course of the rapy wi th these medicine can be hello ghe r: if the sa me is continued a fter w ithd raw ing the ind ucer- marked hy poprothrombine mia can occur- fatal bleeding is on document. High doses of sal icylates have synergistic hypoprothrom bincmic actio n and a lso displace warfarin fro m protei n binding site. Long performing sulfona m ides, ind ometh ac in, phenytoin and probenecid: di splace warfarin from plasma protein binding. Its ant icoagulant actio n develops ra pid ly with in three four hours of ingestion and lasts for ~24 hours. It is large ly me ta bo lized, but additionally excreted unchanged in urine; plasma t� is 7- eleven hours. Duration of prophy lax is 12 14 days after knee replacement and 35 days after hip alternative. Ri va roxaban has a lso be en found eq ua lly effective as �warfarin for stopping stroke in B. Onset of action Duration of action Activity Mechanism Antagonist Variability in response Lab. Apixaban this is another oral facto r Xa inhibitor having properties and indications similar to rivaroxaban. The oral bioava ilabili ty of apixaban is 85% and peak effects a re produced in 3 hours. A decrease danger of Advantages of newer oral anticoagulants (direct factor Xa/thrombin Inhibitors) over warlarin � Rapid onset and offset of therapeutic impact � Short half life � No laboratory monitoring required � Fixed dosage pointers relying on the indication � Antithrombotic efficacy equal to/better than warfarin. Though oral bioavai labil ity is low, the anticoagulan t impact is constant, and no laboratory monitoring is required. The bioava ilabil ity is elevated by P-gp (efflu x transporter) inhibitors (verapamil, amiodarone, etc. Admi nistered in a dose of 110 mg (75 mg for elderl y > 75 years) as soon as daily, it has been found comparable to struggle farin. The incidence of major and mi nor bleeding was also much less with dabigatran in comparability with warfarin. A monoclo na l antibody idarucizumab has been developed as a reversal agent for dabigatran. Notes on clinical use of anticoagulants Use of anticoagulants could be l ife saving. They have proven prophy lactic value, however can be dangerous (may provoke deadly bleeding). Choice of anticoagulants for varied medical indications Clinical indications Drugs utilized 1. Plasmin is a quite nonspecific protease: degrades coagulation factors (including fibrinogen) and another plasma proteins as properly. T hus, activation of circulating plasminogen induces a lytic s tate whose main complicat io n is haemorrhage. Even sdectivc activation of thrombus certain plasmin may cause bleeding by dissolving physiological thrombi. In common, venous thrombi are lysed more easily by fibrinol yti cs than arteria l, and up to date thromb i reply better. Compared to newer extra fibrin-specific tissue plasminogcn activators (altcplasc, and so on. Other disadvantages are want for a loading dose as a outcome of presence of anti-streptococcal antibodies. Strcptokinase is antigenic �an cause hypersensitivity reactions; anaphylaxis happens in 1-2% sufferers. It canno1 be used second time as a end result of neutralization by antibodies generated in response to the sooner dose. This c hange makes it longer acting, but considerably much less selective for fibrin certain plasminogen. Reteplase Urokinase It is an enqmc isolated from human urine: but commercially prepared from cultured human kidney cell s. Recanali zation of throm bosed corona ry artery has been ac hi eved in 50-90% ca es. Time lag in beginning the infusion is important for reduc ing space of necrosis, preserving ventric ular function and reduc ing mortality. Aspirin with or witho ut heparin is usually started concurrently or quickly after thrombolysis to forestall reocc lus ion. Recanali zatio n efficacy is similar with alteplase, reteplase and tenecteplase, however tcnecteplase has the only routine. Peripheral arterial occlusion Fibrinolytics n:canalise - 40% l imb artery occl u,ions, particularly these handled " ithin 72 hr. Regional intraarterial fibrinolytics ha,c been used for limb arteries with higher success. Peripheral art~rial thrombolysis is follo"ed by shon-tcrm heparin and long-term aspirin remedy. Peptic ulcer, esophageal varices Any wound or current fracture or tooth extraction H/o major surgical procedure within three weeks 9. Stroke: Thrombo lytic remedy or ischaemic stroke is dependent on time-lapse since symptom onset; earlier, the higher. Best results arc obtained if perfusion can be restored w ithin the fi rst ho ur (the golden hour). The giant dose wanted is a lim itation, a nd tranexamic acid is generally most well-liked. It is a specific antidote for fibrinolytic brokers and has been used in many hyperplasminaemic states related to extreme intravascular fibrin o lysis result ing in bleeding. In haemophiliacs, it has adjun cti ve value for co ntro llin g bleeding because of tooth extraction, prostatectomy, trauma, and so on. Thromboembolic events, dis turbed colour vision and allergic reactions are rare. Combination of clopidogrel and aspirin is synergistic in stopping ischaemic epi sodes. The motion of c lopidogrel lasts fo r 5 days because of irreversible blockade of platelet P2Y 12 receptor. Recovery of platelets from prasugrel motion takes longer (7 days) than with clopidogrel (5 days). Superior c lin ical outcomes and reduction in Stent thrombosis have been obtained with prasugrel. After a bolus dose, platelet aggregati on stays inhibited fo r 12 24 hr, while the remaining antibody is cleared from blood wi th a t� of I 0- 30 min.

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Use of letrozole for inducing o, ulation in infertile girls has been banned in India since Oct. If the ovum gets fc,t ilized and implants- the blastocyst immediately begins produc ing chorionic gonadotropin which is absorbed into maternal c irculation and susta ins the co rpus luteum in early being pregnant. Placenta begins secreting a lot of estrogens and progesterone from 2nd trimester until time period. In the I980-90s a selection of other gonane compounds had been introduced, of which desogestrel has been marketed in India. Hi gh antiovulatory potency allows reduction of eth iny lestrad iol dose when these arc mixed in oral contraceptives. The newer 19-norprogcsterone spinoff nomegestrol has weak antiandrogcnic property. Gonanes are more potent (especially Estranes Norethindrone (Norethisterone) Lynestrenol (Ethinylestrenol) Allylestrenol Gonanes Levonorgestrel Desogestrel Norgestimate Gestodene Actions the mai n operate of progesterone is preparation of the uterus for nidation and ma intenance of being pregnant. It is lack of progestational support which causes mucosa) shedding during menstruation. Continued actio n of progesterone (when pregnancy occurs) brings about decidual adjustments in endometrium-stroma enlarges and becomes spongy, glands atrophy, and sensitivity of myometrium to oxytocin is decreased. Cervix Progesterone converts the watery cervical secretion induced by estrogens to visc id, scanty and cell ular secretion which is hostile to sperm penetration. Vagina Progesterone induces pregnancy like adjustments within the vaginal mucosa: leukocyte infi ltration of cornified epithelium happens. Cyclic epithelial proliferation and turnover happens during luteal section, however steady exposure to progesterone throughout being pregnant halts mitotic activity and stabilizes mammary cells. Withdrawal of those horm ones after delivery causes release of prolactin from pituitary and milk secretion begins. Mechanism of motion Unlike different steroid receptors, the progesterone receptor (P R) has a limited distribution within the body: confined mostly to the feminine gen ital tract, breast. This is accountable fo r the upper body temperature seen in the course of the luteal part. Respiration Progestins in re latively higher doses stimul ate respirat ion, as occurs throughout pregnancy. Metabolism Prolonged use of oral contraceptives impa irs glucose tolerance in some girls. Nearly complete degradation happens within the liver-major product is pregnanediol which is excreted in urine as glucuronide and sulfate conjugates. M icrofine particles of the drug are suspended in oil and dispensed in gelatin capsules. Most of the artificial progestins are orally energetic and are metabolized slowly; have plasma t� rang ing from 8-24 hours. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding Frequent or heavy irregular menstrual bleeding is o ften related to anovu lar cycles occurring near menopause. Continued estrogeni c motion on endometrium (causing hyperplasia) with out progesterone induction and withdrawal leading to incomplete sloughing leads to irregular, usually profuse bleeding. Subsequently cyclic treatment at lower doses regulari zes and normalizes menstrual flow. A progestin with inherent estrogenic motion is most popular; usually supplemental dose of estrogen is mixed, or a combination oral contraceptive capsule is given cyclically for 3-6 months. Endometriosis this condi tion outcomes from presence of e ndometrium at ectopic sites. The direct action on endometrium prevents bleeding within the ectopic websites by suppressing menstruation. Treatment for a couple of months could cause atrophy and regression of the ectopic plenty. Progestin treatme nt of endometriosis is inexpensive and generally well tolerated, but not all instances respond and recurrences are frequent. There is a few evidence of its efficacy in preventing untimely deli very in h igh risk pregnancy. If such use is made-a pure progestin without estrogenic or androgeni c exercise shou ld be e mployed. In women, endomctrial atrophy occurs over few a weeks and amenorrhoea might supervene. Premenstrual syndrome/tension Some wome n develop headache, irritability, fluid retention, di stention a nd breast tenderness a number of days precedin g menstruation. Severe premenstrual syndrome requires suppression of ovulation by combined estrogen-progesterone therapy given cyclically. Endometriosis Danazol causes enchancment in ~75% cases by inhibiting ovarian perform. Danazol is sometimes used now due to androgenic side effects and threat of liver harm. Like other such compounds, it has prophy lactic effect in this cond11ion by inducing complement (Cl) esterase inhibitor (see p. Termination of pregnancy of up to 7 wee ks: 600 mg as s ingle oral dose ca makes use of full abortion in 60 85% cases. To enhance the success fee, c urrenl recommendation is to comply with it up forty eight hours later by a single 400 �g oral dose of misoprostol. T his achieves >90% success rate and is the accepted non surgical technique of earl y first trimester abortion. In place of oral misoprostol, a I mg gemeprost pessary could be inserted intravagi nally. This procedure is generally safe, but prolonged bleeding and failed abortion are the issues in some cases. Cervical ripening 24 30 hours earlier than making an attempt surg ica l abortion or induction of labour, mifepristone 600 mg ends in softe ning of cervix; the procedure is facil itated. Postcoital contraceptive Mifepristone 600 mg given w ithin 72 hr of intercourse interferes with implantat ion and is a highl y effective technique of e me rgency contraception. Once-a-month contraceptive A sing le 200 mg dose or mifepristonc given 2 days after midcyclc every month causes lutcolysis and prevents conception on most events. In the absence of progestero ne (during anovulatory cycles or a fter menopause) it exerts weak progestational activ ity and induces predcc idual changes. There is linle experience and little justification to use these methods on regular foundation. Induction of labour By blocking the relaxant action of progesterone on uterus of late being pregnant. It could additionally be tried in instances with intrauterine foetal dying and to deliver abnormal foetuses. Th us, it may have a bonus, if the woman misses to take the drug inside seventy two hours.

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Mugwort. Amantadine.

  • Are there safety concerns?
  • What is Mugwort?
  • Dosing considerations for Mugwort.
  • How does Mugwort work?
  • Stomach problems (colic, diarrhea, cramps, constipation, slow digestion, vomiting), epilepsy, irregular menstrual periods, low energy, anxiety, itching caused by scars, and other conditions.

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However, these signs could also be the outcomes of a lteration of intestinal flora as well. Parenteral iron therapy wants calculation of the entire iron requirement of the patient fo r which several fo rmulae have been devised. Sustained launch preparations are costlier and not rational as a result of most of the iron is absorbed in the upper intestine, wh ile these preparations launch part of their iron content decrease down. Bioavailabil iry of iron from such preparations, though claimed to be good, is actually variable. Liquid formulations might stain enamel: ought to be placed on the again of tongue and swallowed. A total of 200 mg e lemental iron (infants an d chi ldren 3- 5 mg/ kg) g ive n dail y in 3 divided doses produces the maximal haemopoietic response. However, iron stores can be replenished in a shorter time by parenteral remedy, as a end result of after correction of anaemia, a smaller fraction of ingested iron is a bsorbed. Four o rgan ically complexed fo rmul ations of iron a re c urre ntly ava ilab le in India; certainly one of these lron-dexlran has been in use for over 50 years. Two relative ly new ones Ferrous sucrose a nd Ferric carboxymaltose had been added few years back, and the newest one is Iron isomaltoside one thousand. Injection shou ld be terminated if the affected person complains of giddiness, pa resthesias or tightness in the chest. The test dose prescribed earlier is no longer recommended, as a result of the life threatening a naphy lactic reaction can occur even when a previo us dose or test dose has been nicely tolerated. Resuscitation amenities must be ava ilable earlier than any iron preparati on is injected i. Systemic Fever, headac he, joint pains, flushing, palpitation, c hest ache, dyspnoea, lymph node e nlargement are more common than with the newe r formulations. An anaphylactoid reaction resulti ng in vascul ar collapse and dying happens sometimes. In the injected muscle I 0- 30% of the dose remains domestically bound and becomes unava ilable for utilizati on for a quantity of weeks. Because dextran is antigenic, a naphylactic reactions are more common than with the newer preparations. Intramuscular: Inj ectio n is given deeply within the gluteal region utilizing Z track techn ique (to avoi d staining of the skin). Iron dextran could be injected 2 m l dai ly, or on al ternate days, or 5 ml each side on the identical day (local pain lasting weeks may happen with the upper dose). Altern atively, the tota l calc ulated dose is diluted in 500 ml of glucose/saline solution a nd infused i. It is safer than the older iron dextran and a dose of 100 mg (max 200 mg) ca n be injected i. This preparation is parti cularly indicated for anaem ia in kidney illness sufferers. Ferric carboxymaltose In this formulat ion the ferric hydrox ide core is stabilized by a carbohydrate shell. In cli nical trials, it has brought on a fast enhance in haemoglobin level in anaemia patients a nd replenished stores. Iron deficiency is the most typical explanation for anaemia, particularly in developing countries where a large percentage of population is anaemic. Iron de fic iency additionally accompanies repeated a11acks of malaria a nd chronic inflammatory ailments. Iron must be norma lly administered orally; parenteral remedy is to be reserved for special c ircumstances (see p. It consists of iron sure tig htly in a matrix of isomaltosie- 1000, whi ch is an oli gosaccharide with imply M. The tig ht binding throughout the matrix re leases very little labile iron which is respo nsible for poisonous ity. The plasma t� of this formu lation is 20 32 hours; o nly I% is excreted within the urine. The immunogenic potentia l of iron isomaltoside-1000 is low, and it has been nicely to lerated in c linica l tria ls Iron isomaltoside-1000 Prophylaxis: The amount of iron available fro m common food regimen and the absorpti ve processes in the in testine place a ceiling on iron absorption of - 3 mg/day. Later half of pregnancy and infancy are durations when iron deficiency wi ll develop unless medicinal iron is supplemented. The iron status of those sufferers shou ld be evaluated and iron given accordi ngly. Supportive measures Fluid and e lectro lyte bala nce ought to be maintai ned and ac idosis corrected by appro priate i. Miscellaneous/Adjuvant haematinies Hacme synthesis is interfered in copper deficiency. I lowever, copper is a Lracc steel for ma n und c linica l de fi c iency is very uncommon. Sideroblastie anaemia related to isoniaLid and pyrazinamide therapy (which intervene with pyridoxinc metabolism and action) needs to be treated with pyridoxine. Manifestations are vomiting, abdomina l pai n, haemate mes is, dia rrhoea, letha rgy, cya nos is, dehydration, acidosis, con vulsions; finally shock, cardiovascular collapse and demise. In few circumstances demise occurs early (within 6 hours), but is typically de layed to 12-36 hours, with a ppa rent enchancment within the intervening period. The pathological lesion is haemon-hage and irritation within the intestine which can progress to necrotizing e nteritis, hepatic necrosis and bra in harm. Apa rt from haemopoieti c cells, other rapidl y pro lifera ting ti ssues a lso suffe r. To prevent further absorption of iron from gut (a) Induce vomiting or perfo rm gastric lavage with sodium bicarbonate solutio n- to render iron inso luble. To bind and remove iron already absorbed Desferrioxam ine (an iron c he lating agent- see Ch. Early therapy with desferrioxamine has d rastica lly decreased mortality of iron poisoning. Minot and Murphy (1926) trea1ed such patients by together with li,er within the die l und acquired Nohe l pri7c. Castle (1927- 32) propounded the hypothesis tha1 there was an extrinsic issue current in food regimen wh ich mixed "i1h an intrinsic factor produced by he abdomen 10 g ive rise to L haemopoietic principle. It is synthesized in nature only by microorgan isms; vegetation and animals acquire it from them. The only vegetable supply is legumes (pulst~) which get n from microorganisms harboured of their root nodu les. Vit eight 12 i current in food as protein conjugates and is launched by cooking or by proteolysis in stomach faci litated by gastric acid.


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  • Luteinizing hormone urine test (ovulation prediction)
  • Birth defects
  • Swallowing difficulty
  • Activated charcoal
  • Anxiety
  • Nerve blocking medicines injected into the toe area
  • Weakness
  • Breathing - slow and labored

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At 12 weeks, patients receiving cell therapy had significantly improved ankle-brachial indexes, transcutaneous oxygen measurement, and 6-minute walking distance. At 12 months, remedy with Ixmyelocel-T cells considerably extended the time to treatment failure outlined as major amputation, all-cause mortality, doubling of complete wound floor space from baseline, or de novo gangrene. The ulcer healing rate of the mesenchymal stem cell group was significantly larger than that of mononuclear cell group at 6 weeks and reached one hundred pc four weeks sooner than the mononuclear cell group. After 24 weeks, the enhancements in limb perfusion induced by the mesenchymal stem cell transplantation have been more vital than those by mononuclear cells in terms of pain-free walking time, ankle-brachial index, transcutaneous oxygen stress, and magnetic resonance angiography analysis. There was a big however modest improvement of roughly 1 minute in treadmill train time after three months of therapy. Intramuscular administration of bone marrow mononuclear cells appeared to be more effective than either intra-arterial administration or use of mobilized peripheral blood cells. Overall, procedures for harvesting and administration of progenitor cells were well tolerated. Treatment with autologous bone marrow�derived cells leads to considerably improved ankle-brachial indexes at 12, 24, and 48 weeks (P <. Cell therapy was also associated with decreased ache in the short term (<8 weeks; P <. Reported end points in critical limb ischemia research have included ankle-brachial index, transcutaneous oxygen saturation, angiography, amputation-free survival, and pain scales. In claudication trials, pain-free strolling time/distance, total strolling occasions on treadmill, and walking questionnaires have been additionally used. The mechanisms by which stem/progenitor cells enhance cardiovascular operate continue to be investigated with proof supporting paracrine effects that result in increased angiogenesis, decreased apoptosis, and induction of endogenous stem cells. Several questions being addressed include (1) the optimum cell type for each disease state, (2) the utilization of autologous versus allogeneic cells, (3) the optimal cell number, (4) the best route of delivery, (5) the timing and frequency of cell remedy in each clinical state of affairs, and (6) the regulatory and commercial challenges for development of this area. Stem cell therapy has the potential to help millions of sufferers with superior cardiovascular disease, however its function and clinical practice stays to be defined. Infarct-related artery occlusion, tissue markers of ischaemia, and elevated apoptosis in the peri-infarct viable myocardium. Heart illness and stroke statistics-2010 update: a report from the American Heart Association. Bone marrowderived cell remedy stimulates endogenous cardiomyocyte progenitors and promotes cardiac restore. Pulmonary passage is a significant obstacle for intravenous stem cell delivery: the pulmonary firstpass effect. A important challenge: dosage-related efficacy and acute complication intracoronary injection of autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in acute myocardial infarction. Selective suction and pressure-regulated retroinfusion: an effective and secure approach to retrograde safety in opposition to myocardial ischemia in sufferers present process regular and excessive threat percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty. Recommendations for profitable coaching on strategies of supply of biologics for cardiac regeneration: a report of the International Society for Cardiovascular Translational Research. Retrograde coronary perfusion: a superior path to ship therapeutics to the center Human embryonic stem cells can differentiate into myocytes with structural and practical properties of cardiomyocytes. Embryonic stem cells: a mannequin to study structural and functional properties in cardiomyogenesis. Transplantation of undifferentiated murine embryonic stem cells within the coronary heart: teratoma formation and immune response. Transplantation of embryonic stem cells improves cardiac operate in postinfarcted rats. Induction of pluripotent stem cells from adult human fibroblasts by defined factors. Induction of pluripotent stem cells from mouse embryonic and grownup fibroblast cultures by defined factors. Dynamics and mediators of acute graft attrition after myoblast transplantation to the center. Remodeling the intercalated disc results in cardiomyopathy in mice misexpressing cadherins in the coronary heart. Catheter-based intramyocardial injection of autologous skeletal myoblasts as a primary treatment of ischemic coronary heart failure: medical expertise with six-month follow-up. Stromal cell�derived factor-1 effects on ex vivo expanded endothelial progenitor cell recruitment for ischemic neovascularization. Bone marrow stem cells forestall left ventricular remodeling of ischemic coronary heart via paracrine signaling. Implantation of bone marrow mononuclear cells into ischemic myocardium enhances collateral perfusion and regional operate through facet provide of 39. Intracoronary bone marrow� derived progenitor cells in acute myocardial infarction. Effects of intracoronary injection of mononuclear bone marrow cells on left ventricular function, arrhythmia threat profile, and restenosis after thrombolytic therapy of acute myocardial infarction. Intracoronary injection of mononuclear bone marrow cells in acute myocardial infarction. Autologous bone marrow stem cells to deal with acute myocardial infarction: a systematic review. Adult bone marrow�derived cells for cardiac restore: a scientific review and meta-analysis. Intracoronary infusion of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells contributes to longstanding enhancements of left ventricular efficiency and remodelling after acute myocardial infarction: a meta-analysis. Intracoronary stem cell infusion after acute myocardial infarction: a meta-analysis and replace on clinical trials. Adult bone marrow cell therapy improves survival and induces long-term improvement in cardiac parameters: a scientific review and meta-analysis. Low-energy shock wave for enhancing recruitment of endothelial progenitor cells: a brand new modality to enhance efficacy of cell therapy in persistent hind limb ischemia. Effects of intracoronary stem cell transplantation in sufferers with dilated cardiomyopathy. Bone marrow�derived cells for enhancing collateral improvement: mechanisms, animal knowledge, and preliminary medical experiences. Human mesenchymal stem cellconditioned medium improves cardiac function following myocardial seventy seven. Human bone marrow stromal cells suppress T-lymphocyte proliferation induced by mobile or nonspecific mitogenic stimuli. Molecular and cellular characterisation of highly purified stromal stem cells derived from human bone marrow. Cardiac restore with intramyocardial injection of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells after myocardial infarction. Intracoronary administration of autologous adipose tissue-derived stem cells improves left ventricular function, perfusion, and remodelling after acute myocardial infarction. Mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into an endothelial phenotype, enhance vascular density, and enhance heart perform in a canine chronic ischemia model. Mesenchymal lineage precursor cells induce vascular network formation in ischemic myocardium.

Acropectorovertebral dysplasia

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In this part, trainees obtain the information base of in whom to perform this technique and how. Specifically, affected person selection/preparation is followed by details of radial artery entry. Periprocedural pharmacotherapy and forearm and aortic arch anatomy (normal and variations) are reviewed in depth. Proper catheter selection and various methods to get hold of hemostasis are reviewed. Trainees are supplied information of tips on how to forestall and manage frequent complications of this technique. Following this cognitive part, the technical features of the process are demonstrated in a simulated catheterization laboratory environment. Operators learn about tools choices and catheter manipulation in a "1-on-1" trend with college, develop catheter expertise, and study tactile suggestions in a simulator environment. Providing such a construction to the simulation-based learning expertise will increase its academic impression. This survey underscores the quite a few obstacles to the uptake of simulation in interventional cardiology. Few programs agreed that the simulators mimicked actual catheterization well or that the simulator expertise was just like real life or could improve talent in the true catheterization laboratory. Although unquestionably tainted by a selection bias of surveying only tutorial and more skilled operators (program directors), these statements underscore the inherent challenges that simulation proponents encounter. We advocate for the initiation of huge scale research to consider the influence of simulation in a quantity of key areas together with: (a) feasibility and efficacy of a simulation-based training curricula as a training modality for each fellows and more experienced operators studying new procedures and (b) reliability and validation of simulation as a tool for the upkeep of competency. Finally, we recommend that formal simulation coaching applications be included within the annual scientific periods and built-in into the program for fellows and practicing physicians. Part of this has been the relative dearth of information exhibiting improved performance and a translation into real-world practice. For procedures common within cardiology, similar to left and proper coronary heart catheterization, a possible rationalization lies in the comparatively excessive volume of those procedures that are performed annually. This has propelled continuation of the apprentice model wherein fellows study by "working towards on actual sufferers. These costs embrace each financial (eg, the value of the simulators, upkeep) and the cost of time away from actual patients. Indeed, approximately $50,000 is spent per surgical resident over a coaching period of 4 years secondary to will increase in operative time and the inherent decreased effectivity that happens when operating with a trainee. Another cost-effective option to safe simulation-based coaching is to send trainees to regional simulation facilities or to improve societal efforts at exposing trainees to simulation at annual meetings. The problem nonetheless is offering the information to definitively show this benefit after which prove it to be value effective. Our occupation is evolving quickly and with this comes new gadgets, techniques, and challenges. We must proceed to evolve and decide how greatest to incorporate simulation into our training applications, our maintenance of certification packages, and our profession as a whole. Higher grownup training in the United States; the current picture, developments, and points. Flight and simulation investigation of strategies for implementing noise-abatement landing approaches. Simulation technology for well being care professional skills training and evaluation. A technical and cognitive abilities analysis of performance in interventional cardiology procedures utilizing medical simulation. Does simulation-based medical education with deliberate practice yield higher results than traditional scientific education Training, credentialling, and granting of scientific privileges for laparoscopic common surgery. Laparoscopic coaching on bench fashions: higher and more economical than working room experience Randomized medical trial of virtual actuality simulation for laparoscopic expertise training. Systematic review of randomized controlled trials on the effectiveness of virtual actuality coaching for laparoscopic surgical procedure. Use of simulation-based education to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infections. Superiority of simulator-based training in contrast with standard training methodologies within the performance of transseptal catheterization. Learning curves and reliability measures for virtual actuality simulation in the efficiency evaluation of carotid angiography. Clinical competence assertion on carotid stenting: training and credentialing for carotid stenting-multispecialty consensus suggestions. Experienced endovascular interventionalists objectively improve their abilities by attending carotid artery stent training courses. Virtual reality simulation objectively differentiates stage of carotid stent experience in skilled interventionalists. Cognitive training improves clinically related outcomes throughout simulated endovascular procedures. Simulation improves resident efficiency in catheter-based intervention: outcomes of a randomized, controlled study. Patient-specific simulation for endovascular procedures: qualitative analysis of the event course of. Recent advancements in medical simulation: patient-specific digital reality simulation. Patient-specific endovascular simulation influences interventionalists performing carotid artery stenting procedures. Jt inc ludes new launches a nd contai ns pharm aceutical, pharmacological in addition to therapeutic informati on on drugs, w hich can serve as a reliable reference guide. Fixed ratio mixture products ought to be included only when dosage of every ingredient meets the require me nts of a defined population group, and when the mixture has a confirmed benefit in therapeutic impact, safety, adherence or in lowering the emergence of drug resistance. Essential med icines are meant to be available inside the context of functioning well being techniques at a ll instances and in enough amoun ts, in acceptable dosage fom,s, with assured quali ty and sufficient informa tion, and at a worth the indi vidual and the community can afford. India produced its National Essential Drugs List in 1996, and has revised it in 2011, and now in 20 15 with the titl e "National List of Essential Medicines". These m ed ic ines ha ve been marked into three categories for being avai Iab le at prima ry, seconda ry and tertiary levels of well being care facility. Orphan Drugs these arc drugs or biological products for diagnosis/treatment/ prevention of a uncommon d isease or situation. Governments in developed countries provide tax benefits and other incenti,�es to pharmaceutical corporations for growing and advertising orphan drugs. If the drug is for o ral admin istration, each dose has to be wrapped separately or packed in sachets; therefo re this dosage kind is inconvenient a nd unpopular except w hen the amount is several grams.

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However, the premise of a giant proportion of genetic variability still stays unex plai ned. A continuous va riation with bell -shaped Gaussian frequency distribution is seen in the case of most medication. In additio n, there are some specific genetic defects which lead to discontinuous variation in drug response. This X-linked monogenic trait is extra frequent within the Meditenanean, African and Southeast Asian races. Over expression of P-gp leads to tumour resistance to many most cancers chemotherapeutic drugs, as a result of it pumps out the drug from the tumour cells. Acute intermittent porphyria- preeipitated by barbiturates is due to genetic defect in repression of porphyrin synthesis. Malignant hyperthermia afler halothane is as a outcome of of irregular Ca2 release channel (ryanodine receptor) in the sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscular tissues. Attack of angle closure glaucoma is precipitated by mydriatics in people with narrow iridoeomeal angle. Gene polymorphisms are sometimes e ncountered at totally different freq uencies among different ethnic/geographical groups. Parentera l administration is ofien resorted to for extra speedy, extra pronounced and extra predictable dntg action. Environmental elements and time of administration Severa l environmental factors afTcct drug responses. Expo ure to insecticides, carcinogens, tobacco smoke and consumpti on of charcoal broiled meat are we ll know n to ind uce drug metabolism. Hypnotics taken at n ight and in quiet, familiar surro undings may work extra simply. Stalins trigger g reater inhibition of Placebo this i an inert substance which is g iven within the garb of a medication. It works by psychodynami c quite than pharmacodynam ic means a nd typically produces respo nse equi va lent to the acti ve dru g. To deal with a patient who, in the o pin ion of the phys ic ian, docs not requ ire an active drug. A affected person responds to the whole therape utic se tting; placebo-effect largely is determined by the physician-patient relationship. Whe n an active drug is adm inistered, it produces effects both as a end result of its pharmacodynam ic action as nicely as the psychodynamic effect of the act of med ica tion. Placebo results can thus suppl ement pharmacological effects of energetic medic ines. Substa nces co mmon ly used as placebo are lactose pill /capsule a nd distille d water injection. Mu lti vitami n preparations are sometimes mi sused as placebos w hen no med icalion is required. Pathological states ot only medication modi fy disease processes, everal illnesses can affect drug disposition and drug acti on: Gastrointestinal (g. Gastric stasis occurring throughout migrai ne attack retards the absorption or ingested drugs. Liver illness Li ver illness (especially c irrhosis) can influence drng disposition in severa l methods: � Bioa vai labi lity of drugs having excessive fi rst move meta bo li sm (see Ch. H: Kidney illness It markedly a ffec ts the pha rm acok inetics of many medicine as wel I as alters the e! C lea rance of medicine t hat are primar il y excreted unchanged (aminoglycosides, digoxin. The permeability of blood-brain barri er is increased in renal failure; opiates, barbiturates, phenothiazines, benzodiazcpincs, and so on. Pethidine should be avo ided as a result of its metabolite nor-pethidine can accumulate on repeated dosing and cau e seizures. An tihypertensive medication produce greater postural hypotension in sufferers with renal insufficiency. Antimicrobials needing dose reduction in renal failure Even in gentle failure Aminoglycosides Cephalexin Ethambutol Vancomycin Amphotericin B Acyclovir Only in extreme failure Cotrimoxazole Carbenicillin Cefotaxime Norfloxacin Ciprofloxacin Metronidazole seventy nine lt can alter drug kinetics by(i) Decreasing drug absorption from g. A vital discount in procainamide and hydrochloroth iazide absorption has been documented. For instance, loading doses ofdrugs like lidocainc and procainamide should be lowered. Hyperthyroid sufferers arc comparatively resistant to inotropic action of digoxin, however more vulnerable to its arrhythmogenic motion. The clearance of digoxin is roughly proportional to thyroid perform, but this only pa11ially accounts for the observed modifications in sensi tivity. They are ineffective in renal failure and may worsen uraemia; furosemide shou ld be used as a substitute. Repec:1ted doses of pethidine are more likely to cause muscle twitching and seizures because of accum ulation of its excitatory metabolite norpethidine. Urinary antiseptics like nalidixic acid, nitrofurantoi n and methenam ine mandelate fail 10 ach ieve high concentration in urine and are more probably to produce systemic toxicity. Hypnotics given to a pati ent in extreme pain might trigger psychological confusion and delirium. Cross tolerance It is the development of tolerance to pharmacologically associated medicine. There is partial cross tolerance between morphine and barbiturates however full cross to lerance between morphine and pethidine. Mechanisms of tolerance the mechanisms accountable fo r growth of to le rance are incompletely understood. However, tolerance may be: (i) Pharmacokinetic/drug disposition toleranc the effective concentration of the drug on the web site of action is decreased, mostly as a end result of enhancement of drug elimination on chronic use. Other medication Drugs can modify the response to each other by pharmacoki netic or pharmacodynam ic interplay between them. Cumulation Any drug will cu mulate within the physique if fee of admini stration is more than the rate of e limination. However, slowly e liminated medicine are particularly liable to cause cumulative toxicity. Drug tolerance may be: Natural the species/i ndividual is inherently much less sensitive to the drug. Acquired Acquired tolerance happens by repeated use of a drug in an indiv idual who was initially responsive. Other mechanisms like gradual dissociation of the drug from its receptor, desensitization/internalization or down regulation of receptor, and so on. There is little question that know ledge of the prescriber about drugs and illness is the most important determinant of his/her prescribing pattern, however it has been demonstrated again and again that simply enhancing information has fai led to promote rational drug use. Medically inappropriate, ineffective and economically inefficient use of drugs occurs everywhere in the world, more so within the developing nations.


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